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ACOR, the brand which comes from ‘’Acorn” is a symbol of patience and the achievement of hard labor. An English proverb states that Greats oaks from little acorns grow, urging the listener to wait for maturation of a project or idea. At ACOR, we are doing and following this spirit.

The industry and markets we serve are dynamic, changes occur rapidly, and product innovations are expected. Our leadership in the industry has been earned by our continuous efforts in research and development. Innovation and improvement is deeply embedded in ACOR.

The core principle upon which ACOR was founded lies within our commitment to develop innovative technologies that will redefine the cycling experience. At ACOR, our primary focus has been and will continue to be fulfilling our dedication to reinvent the bicycle components and accessories through our expertise and know-how in the fields of bicycle manufacturing and material technologies.

ACOR is proud to be recognized internationally for the ingenuity of our manufacturing, product innovation, and our commitment to further technological breakthroughs. ACOR is flexible and able to respond quickly to changing market expectations and demand. Through strong research and development supported by manufacturing technologies and processes, ACOR provides a broad range of bicycle components and accessoriesof the highest quality to meet market trends. Combining CNC processing with high grade materials, such as aluminum and titanium, we produce products of exceptional quality and extraordinary versatility, all of which meet EN standards.

We offer our customers the perfect balance of functionality, aesthetics and experience. These values are the core of our business. In order to completely understand and incorporate these values into the newest products it is of paramount importance to explore the future.

Nowadays ACOR brand is distributed worldwide in more than 20 countries.We are a company where expertise matters. Our focus in achieving the highest standards in everything we do is a clear reflection of the outstanding products we make.

Driven by innovation, excellence and a refusal to conform, we are continuously searching to improve our products. A product symbolizes our evolution.Any ACOR cyclist is familiar with the beauty of the journey: the wind through your hair, your bicycle flying over the road. To enjoy the cycling on/off the road, it is ACOR!

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